Our Mission
Our God-given vision and mission is to connect all people to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ and to be a biblically founded and functioning community of believers that are continually growing deeper through worship, larger through evangelism, stronger through discipleship, closer through fellowship, and broader through ministry.
Our Denomination
The Church of the Nazarene is a global denomination set on being a CHRISTIAN people, a HOLY people, and a MISSIONAL people.  With ministries in 164 world areas, the Church of the Nazarene takes seriously Christ's command to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19). For more information on what the Church of the Nazarene be‚Äčlieves, please click HERE.
Our Local History

The humble beginnings of our congregration may have officially been May 23, 1937 when a pastor and 12 members first met together, but as with all great endeavors, the seeds were planted and the Spirit was stirring for years – even decades – before.

In 1943 the church purchased and moved to it's first permanent location at the corner of Carson Street and Denker Avenue.  In 1962 the church moved from Carson Street to our current location at the corner of Maple and Maricopa. 

In eight decades of ministry we have seen days of plenty and days of need.  There have been times of growth and times of regrouping.  We have had times of blessing and times of difficulty… and sometimes those times were the same times.  We have individually and collectively celebrated marriages, births, baptisms, and spiritual growth.  We have also mourned job losses, deaths, and prodigal children.  Through it all God has been with us.  He has carefully brought us together, from those first twelve in 1937 to those sitting next to you today, and He will continue to show His faithfulness to us as we serve Him in Torrance, the South Bay, and beyond.